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Rakharazu is one of the leading Arakanese online magazines, which is founded on January 10, 2016, as a non-for-profit media foundation to serve the duty for the Arakanese public enlightenment and empowerment. Its head-office is based in the Netherlands and branches are in Arakan, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand.


What we do

Rakharazu produces and delivers original, insightful and high-quality articles, poems, commentaries and other writings to the Arakanese audience. Featuring exclusive contributions by prominent political leaders, policymakers, scholars, business leaders, and civic activists from the Arakanese communities around the world, we provide non-for-profit news media to enlighten the oppressed people of Arakan.

Why we do

Arakan (Rakhine) is the 2nd poorest state in Myanmar, which is of course a backward and neglected part of the country. Little news from Arakan appears in the newspapers and global media. People of Arakan are economically exploited, socially subordinated and politically marginalized by the half-baked Burmese civilian rule. Opportunities for their advancement are systematically blocked off by the Burmese people. After listening to voices inside Arakan, we provide them some fresh ideas, opinions and views in order to reduce poverty and promote social justice. People deserve to know how to change their lives to a better future.


Who we are


Khaing Aung Aung (http://www.khaingaungaung.com)

Chief Executive Officer

Aye Aye Zan


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